CharM DC Fast Charger

Touchscreen user interface for top-of-the-line charger models

Cashless and NFC-based tap card payment system for top-of-the line charger models

Emergency stop button for manual user override

Charging mode selection (Charge by amount or by battery charge level)

CharM DC Fast CHRGer

CharM (Charging in Minutes) provides an alternative charging strategy that eliminates the conventional 4-6 hours of charging to less than an hour or even a matter of minutes for electric vehicles including E-trikes and E-jeepneys.

Technical Specifications

Rated Power:

Voltage Range:

Rated Current:

Input Requirements:

Power Factor:

Payment System:

User Interface:


Charge Connector:

5kW base power, expendable

48-150 VDC, configurable

up to 100ADC at 5kW

220VAC, single phase, L-N-E

0.99 PF at rated load

NFC tap-card cashless payment

Touchscreen user interface

Controller Area Network (CAN)

High-power charge coupler with communications and electronic lock

Emergency stop button; Power connector auto-lock; RCD fault protection; Junction box secure access; Automatic battery charge detection


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